Episode #1: I Want What You’re Having Kickoff Show!

If you don't like something Change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain!Guidelines to live by and Why Wanting is Important

By being more you, and getting out of your own way, you can leave your clients, colleagues, friends, and family members saying, “I Want What You’re Having!” In this kickoff episode, Maruxa and Therese outline a few simple guidelines to live life by that will support you in getting the most out of listening to this podcast… and even more importantly… getting what you want out of life. You also get a sneak peak into why this podcast was created and just who Therese and Maruxa really are.

Therese SparbyEpisode #1: I Want What You’re Having Kickoff Show!

4 Comments on “Episode #1: I Want What You’re Having Kickoff Show!”

  1. Anni Boyum

    I loved the FIRST podcast, filled with great insights and wisdom while being really playful and fun! Grateful…Anni

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