Episode #40: How to Get Your Happy Back!

SPECIAL EPISODE: Let’s Talk About Being AWESOME with Nicole Dean

Hi amazingly, awesome YOU!

nicToday, we’re thrilled to bring you another episode of IWWYH, and this week, we have a special guest who will kick us off on a new theme for the month of April. Nicole Dean, founder of Awesomization Nation, is a mom, wife, business owner, and someone who has, like many of us, battled depression and knows the struggles and joys of looking to get back to being happy.

She’s here with us to start this great month of April off with a bang because getting happy again can be tough…She’s been there, and she’s come up with a brilliant way to lift up and out from the funk and the gray clouds.

Join us on this episode, and you’ll learn how she did this and how you can join her too, right now. In fact, design (3)we are already joining her too in this movement! Listen in today, and then check out our resource here to see how you can join all three of us in this movement and get YOUR happy back.

Keep shining bright,
Maruxa and Therese


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Therese SparbyEpisode #40: How to Get Your Happy Back!