Maruxa “Muh-roo-shah” Murphy

Best-selling author, speaker, and consultant (aka Mama to 2 with one more on the way (!!), wife to Dennis, Jesus follower, and that lady who is totally fine with messiness in everyday life and the home) loves to invite others to living out their lives in the full brilliance within each of them.

She’s committed to inviting those who are ready to make big shifts in their life to do what they love, who know there’s more to themselves than the seeming monotony of everyday to live a life full of love, passion, joy and peace so that they can be the women and men they were created to be in all circumstances. Feel free to check out to learn more about her and her heart for purpose-driven entrepreneurs living life without regret!

Therese Sparby

Radical Living and Leadership coach, speaker and lover of people. Therese is engaged to “Bob The Teacher” Jenkins, stands solid in her faith, and fully believes that you were born naturally creative, resourceful and whole.  Since 2008 Therese has lived by the guideline that Love, Joy, Surprise and Delight are our NATURAL state of being.  We have simply forgotten who we are.

Her love for life and dedication to never having to ‘work hard’ have provided the kind of life that has left other’s saying, “I Want What You’re Having,” and she wants that juicy life for you! Find out more at

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