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Connecting to Community On Steroids

Creating what you want is impossible without the support of others, and life is much more fun with the support of community behind you. That is why we have created the "I Want What You're Having Action Takers Club" as a way to connect the coolest, most committed members of our community and support you in creating more of what you want in your life.

A part of living the kind of life that leaves others wanting what you have, is filling your days with joy, fun, excitement and inner peace. All of these things are supported by being a part of a powerful, committed community that will champion you as you stretch beyond your comfort zone and support you as challenges come up on the exhilarating yet scary journey to living the life of your dreams.

Have you ever wanted something and felt like it was outside of your grasp? Or felt scared the first time you gave a presentation at a new job? How about a time when you made a commitment to yourself that you let go of because you did not have someone else to support you in accountability? Or even that time you felt like crying and giving up because nothing seemed to be going right? There is one simple solution to all of these challenges: getting support from a powerful, loving community.

You will not find this caliber of coaches plus Action Taker member support each month for less than a dinner out with your family ANYWHERE ELSE. When you want to hire a coach to support you on your journey to creating more of what you want, You will usually end up spending thousands of dollars a month.

Awareness VS Action

Let's be honest, do you just want to have all the support you’ve already gotten from the podcast to sit in your head OR do you want to have a core group of Action Takers standing side by side with you, cheering each other on as you taking your steps to creating a life that you want? We are about taking this information and doing something amazing with it in your life.

These are men and women who’ve committed to what they are already learning each week from the podcast (the same one you’re listening to!) and want to apply this to their lives just like you’re doing. So unlike trying to help your family 'get it', you won’t have to take the extra step and try to explain the concepts we’ve already discussed to get support. You can just go straight to getting support because we’re all in there speaking the same language!

Each week during the podcast you will be challenged with new ways to stretch and grow yourself.  As you apply these actions and embark on this journey of creating more of what you want... being able to reflect on what is working and what is not is CRUCIAL.  As a part of the IWWYH Action Takers Club you will have access to see what is working for other powerful people and get feedback from the community as well as getting feedback directly from us!

Not For Everyone

This group is NOT for everyone.
It is NOT for you if:
  • You are not ready to take responsibility for your next steps to create the life you want - We are looking to create a community of people open and ready to thrive in life, not just “deal” with challenges and obstacles, which we all have on a regular basis. If you find yourself blaming others for your challenges and cannot see that you can make a difference with your message and actions, then we’d invite you to find another space. However, if you have done this and are ready to shift the way you see yourself, then please join us! You’ll be in great company!
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself to be the more alive YOU you know you want to become - There are times in life when finances get in the way. If you’re feeling like the cost of this membership is going to stop you from doing what you need to do to take care of other obligations, it just might not be the right time for you
  • You are not open to supporting others while getting your own support - This is about holding each other to taking ACTION and we want for you to be actively involved with the other members in the group. We want you to feel safe to give feedback while you grow in your own authentic leadership. When you grow, we all benefit and vice versa!

What People Are Saying

About the Podcast

“As a professional motivational speaker about communication, building relationships and success, I am familar with many of the concepts Therese and Maruxa present on their podcast. I love listening anyway though, because knowing, understanding and even incorporating the practices, I still find their discussions motivating and a great reminder to so the things I know how to do, but sometimes forget.”

Felicia Slattery

Motivational Speaker and Author on Communication

“This is just like getting a private coaching call.  I heard just what I needed, just when I needed to hear it.”

Kristen Eckstein

Author, Speaker and Founder of The Book Ninja

“Therese and Maruxa's conversations are straight-forward to the excellent points of choosing to live life instead of just reacting or (worse) complaining about circumstances. Their energy and voices make for a dynamic combination. I am excited to introduce this podcast to everyone I know!”

Bob "The Teacher" Jenkins

Author, Speaker and business coach at

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
The IWWYH Action Takers Club

  • Access to the private “Members Only” Facebook group where the conversations and content will be shared
  • A place to belong
  • A place to be loved 
  • A place to be bold
  • Access to Therese and Maruxa to encourage you as you take action on the weekly “Homefun” assignments
  • Support from other I Want What You’re Having Club Members to encourage you and one another as you grow in your own leadership
  • Space where you can share how doing the challenges are working for you (or aren’t - and get extra feedback on your steps)

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. Our Product Comes With A

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We're ready to prove everything we claim. Join the community right now, and see it for yourself within the next 30 DAYS. If participate and still feel like the support does not live up to any the claims stated here. We don't want your money, and We'll give back every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

We look forward to having you in this community and supporting you in creating a life filled with love, support, encouragement, truth and magnetic connections!

To Your Greatness,

Therese Sparby and Maruxa Murphy