Episode #5: Be Irresistible!

How to Authentically Let Your Light Shine Authenticity can be hard to find when there are patterns that run us without our knowing… In this episode of “I Want What You’re Having”, Therese and Maruxa talk about what it takes to uncover those patterns and be more you than ever while magnetically drawing friends and clients to you! Join Therese and Maruxa as they dig into and demonstrate the power of authenticity!

Therese SparbyEpisode #5: Be Irresistible!

Episode #4: Stop Trying to Win Friends and Influence People

Why TRYING to Win Friends and Influence People is the Perfect Path to Living An Unfulfilled Life Trying to win friends and influence people may be the EXACT reason you are not getting more of what you want. Listen in as Maruxa Murphy and Therese Sparby unpack what trying hard to make people like you actually hurts your ability to find happiness and success in the long run.

Therese SparbyEpisode #4: Stop Trying to Win Friends and Influence People