Episode #45: When Relationships Go Sideways

How to Reconnect and Build Them Again   Relationships are not always amazing, and in fact you often know that you’re relationship is taking on a new level once things get rocky. You start to realize that you and the person you’re in relationship with (whether as a love interest, your kid, or someone you work with – as examples) is human and simply, a completely different person than you are. So, what do you … Read More

Therese SparbyEpisode #45: When Relationships Go Sideways

Episode #44: Listen, Learn and Love

30 Days to Better Relationships We are so excited to jumpstart the month of May with a special guest, Susie Miller, MA is the author of Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less which just came out this week! As we kick off the month dedicated to better understanding relationships, we thought this was perfect timing to have her join us and share with us her passion around … Read More

Therese SparbyEpisode #44: Listen, Learn and Love

Episode #43: What’s Your ONE thing?

How Simplicity Can Transform Your Life Did you know that to find your happy again, it can be as easy as finding your ONE thing? But….how do you do that? Listen in today to hear Therese and Maruxa discuss how to find your ONE thing and take you from living in a place of temporary joy to long-lasting happiness.

Therese SparbyEpisode #43: What’s Your ONE thing?

Episode #42: The V Word

What Might Be Holding You Back from Your True Happiness Today, Maruxa and Therese discuss how you can choose to find happiness even times are tough. If you’re looking to find lasting happiness, you’ll definitely want to listen in to this episode today!

Therese SparbyEpisode #42: The V Word

Episode #41: Context vs. Content

The “Right” Way to Smile   You don’t want to miss this episode, especially if you find yourself trying to keep a smile on your face and convince yourself that indeed, you ARE happy, darnit! 😉 Listen in as Maruxa and Therese talk about the differences between being happy in the moment versus being happy for the long haul.

Therese SparbyEpisode #41: Context vs. Content

Episode #40: How to Get Your Happy Back!

SPECIAL EPISODE: Let’s Talk About Being AWESOME with Nicole Dean Hi amazingly, awesome YOU! Today, we’re thrilled to bring you another episode of IWWYH, and this week, we have a special guest who will kick us off on a new theme for the month of April. Nicole Dean, founder of Awesomization Nation, is a mom, wife, business owner, and someone who has, like many of us, battled depression and knows the struggles and joys of … Read More

Therese SparbyEpisode #40: How to Get Your Happy Back!

Episode #38: Creativity Overflow

How to Get Your Creative Juices Going Again (or For the First Time Ever!) Hi there! Whee! During the month of March, we’ve been having a blast reconnecting to those things that make us come alive. We can have so much more FUN when we choose to live life free of the “shoulds, ought tos, and could’ve beens”. So, today, we’re diving deep into something that gets so many of us stuck. We hear this often … Read More

Therese SparbyEpisode #38: Creativity Overflow

Episode #37: The True Fountain of Youth

How to Avoid Running On Empty Hi! It’s Friday, and for most of us, that means it’s the end of the work week. Whew! We made it! 🙂 What does this mean to you? Does it mean that you’ll be able to head home, relax with family, friends or even alone…with NOTHING to do except what YOU WANT to do? Or… Does this mean it’s time to work on those things you’ve put off all … Read More

Therese SparbyEpisode #37: The True Fountain of Youth

Episode #36: Reclaim Your Power

Using I and Me Instead of You and We Hi there! During the month of March, we’re jumping into what it looks like when you choose to come alive! Spring is just around the corner, flowers start to bloom, the weather gets a bit warmer and birds start chirping. LIFE in nature is in full bloom. So, what would that look like for you to come alive again? During this next series of episodes, we’re … Read More

Therese SparbyEpisode #36: Reclaim Your Power

Episode #35: The Power of Course Correcting

The Power of Course Correcting: How to Get Back on Track When You Get Off Track What do you do when you decide to create a goal, make the goal, and get on track to reaching the goal? Well, for most of us (including the BOTH of us!), we get derailed and fall off course. Let’s just be honest about it, right? 🙂 It’s in those moments that we have the choice to either get … Read More

Therese SparbyEpisode #35: The Power of Course Correcting